Binni Záa - The folk of the clouds

Our culture

Binni Záa - "The folk of the cloud" that is the way Zapotecans were known, being one of the most developed Mesoamerican cultures during the precolumbian era.

"Clouds born"

Our Origins

Unlike most native cultures, Zapotecan had no oral tradition to explain their migration. They believed they were born directly from the clouds, such as a legitimate offspring from the gods. Embracing this cosmovision of a folklore that dates from the primigenious darkness, we consider the beginning of life as a spiritual event. Záa alludes to the origin in a natural, organic way and predicates the eternal celebration.

Our Mezcal

Wild agaves grow in cliffs without the human hand taking part in the process until its harvest. Several wild species can be spread, but it is not common. Wild plants are generally very long-lived...

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Mezcal Zaa is ambassador of the best events of music, art and food. This section will mention all the events we will sponsor...

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Social Support

We come from a colorful culture, full of joy, art and tradition that fill Oaxaca with magic. Being one of the Mexican states with the highest index of illiteracy and economic...

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