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Our plans to support the indigenous communities

"We descend from a multicolored culture, full of festivity, art and tradition"


We come from a colorful culture, full of joy, art and tradition that fill Oaxaca with magic. Being one of the Mexican states with the highest index of illiteracy and economic backwardness, we face several problems which make it necessary to join forces as authentic Zaá to preserve our traditions; that is the main reason of our interest to support our original culture, native populations, keepers of our great legacy; such as traditional cooks, artisans and musicians, to mention some.


In the mountain range to the north of Oaxaca, one of the most outcast zones of the state, the Centro de Capacitación Musical y Desarrollo de la Cultura Mixe (CECAM), cradle of great international musicians specialized in wind instruments, is located. The CECAM has as objective to develop a musical education based on community principles to create the philharmonic bands of the Mixe towns and other native speakers in order to reinforce the cultural values and historical identity.

Our Mezcal

Oaxaca has the largest biodiversity of agave in Mexico and in the world, reason why it is not strange that it is right there where most wild species are used...

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Our History

Záa is a Mexican project born form opposite personalities, outstanding professionals on their guild, mezcal lovers attracted to a same, common vision: the generation of value...

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Mezcal Zaa is ambassador of the best events of music, art and food. This section will mention all the events we will sponsor...

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